President - Rev. Dr. Mark Allstrom
Vice President - Mark McGregor
Secretary - Darryl McCann
Treasurer - Rev Dr. Eric Heller-Wagner

Editor - Barbara Willow

Greetings Everyone,

And, congratulations - we made it! Special thanks to the contact people and the extra work they undertook. I've put in the contact name and email address under each article. Don't be shy to use them - the more interaction the better. You'll notice that the newsletter contributions are arranged in alphabetical order.
It is sad to hear of Revd. Richard Beale's necessity to return to America. The enclosed article from him was written before his illness. I sincerely hope Auckland rallies together and keeps the energy going to attract another interim minister. Brisbane is hoping for a travelling minister around September 2002. It is heartening to hear that we are now 12 fellowships strong! Yes, Melbourne now has two groups, and Adelaide has an offshoot in Shady Grove.

Our radio group continues with its weekly half-hour programmes. The church contributes food regularly to a mission that feeds and distributes food to the homeless and displaced. We also knit brightly coloured teddy bears for young women and their babies in a crisis accommodation shelter. And a small group of men have been crafting safe wooden toys for the youngsters in the shelter.
Yvonne Chisholm (Wellington) sent in an extra piece which provides interesting reading. However, I didn't publish it in this issue - but it gave me an idea for the next issue. More about that next year!

Thank you all once again for your energy and willingness to bring out another Quest. It is our platform and gives us a voice. May we be affirmed and strengthened. Now, at your leisure, relax, have a cuppa, put your feet up, and enjoy your newsletter………

Best Wishes

Barbara Willow, Editor, Adelaide

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